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It is occurring to me that it is about both a relationship, and about obedience. If I make it about obedience alone, it becomes all about rules to follow, and very impersonal. If I make it about a relationship alone, it becomes some emotional attachment without substance. I was also moved about how much the Creator loves his people..

Finally I got my Odesk profile 100% completed. Let me see what I'll get out of that. I hope the test scores don't hurt me, I did them in a half-assed manner.

Fell into a deep sleep in the afternoon. Must be because I woke up so early.. Ok, not too early, but early still.. :-)

TIL. But it's Reddit, so you can expect the sort of comments..

Now for some midweek mayhem.. :-D

Oh, and wretched net speeds..

Posted on 2013, February, 20 19:16.

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