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I recently read an article on the topic of consecration in relation to Christian beliefs. According to WordNet, consecration is a solid commitment of your life or your time to some cherished purpose. Here, I shall attempt to summarize the article, and my understanding of it.

A wealthy young Jewish ruler approached Jesus and asked him what he could do in order to gain eternal life. He told Jesus that he had been a diligent keeper of the Ten Commandments ever since he was young [Luke 18:18-27]. However, when Jesus asked him to sell all his possessions, give the money to the poor, and then follow him, he became very sad. This shows that even though the man thought he was just short of doing 'enough', he still valued his wealth more than he was willing to become a dedicated follower of Jesus.

Most of us have things, including material wealth [Luke 14:18-19] and relationships [Matthew 10:37, Luke 14:26], that we highly value, to the point that these become more important to us than our desire to fully obey the the Bible, and to become dedicated followers of Jesus.

Jesus said that all his disciples must carry their crosses and follow him [Matthew 16:24-26]. In those days, carrying one's cross referred to heading to one's death by crucifixion. Jesus meant that we should be willing to follow him even at the risk of losing our own earthly lives. The apostle Paul implores us not to let any part of ourselves to be used for wicked purposes but give ourselves fully to God [Romans 6:13].

Consecration therefore means dedicating ourselves wholly to the Creator, and obeying him with "all our hearts" [Luke 10:27]. This is by allowing Jesus to become our master, letting his teachings guide all aspects of our lives.

What then..

One issue that has been on my mind is partying/clubbing. What is wrong with letting loose once in a while, going out with friends and 'harmlessly' dance the night away. But if we are not to allow "any part of ourselves" to be used for wicked purposes, what do we say of allowing our bodies to dance to music whose message most often opposes the Bible?

Sometimes I find myself willing to compromise a point of view based on Christian belief, for the sake of maintaining a friendship, or staying in good terms with someone. By doing this, can I say that I'm wholly obeying God's word?

If we are to allow Jesus to direct all aspects of our lives, we should deeply understand his teachings. We should study the Bible daily [Psalms 1:1-3], to know more about our Creator, 'the one true God', and Jesus Christ whom he sent [John 17:3].

Posted on 2012, December, 18 09:36.

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